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Analog Synthesizer Contact Php software
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Analog Synthesizer Contact Php

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Released: September 08, 2012  |  Added: September 08, 2012 | Visits: 272

Tunefish Tunefish is a very tiny virtual analog synthesizer. It is developed to fit into about 10kb of compressed machine code while still producing an audio quality that can compete with commercial synthesizers. Tunefish uses the Qt framework for C++ as its basis so as to make the GUI possible.

Platforms: Windows

License: Freeware Download (118): Tunefish Download

Released: November 17, 2012  |  Added: November 17, 2012 | Visits: 295

LittleOne LittleOne is a faithful software emulation of a new classic: the Moog Little Phatty hardware analog synthesizer. To produce a rich and warm sound, LittleOne emulates the signal path of the real analogue synth and every single component of it (oscillators, filter, envelopes, LFO ...) features the...

Platforms: Windows

License: Freeware Download (185): LittleOne Download

Added: September 07, 2013 | Visits: 184

Discovery Mac 32 and 64-bit, 8 oscillators Audio Units and VST Virtual Analog Synthesizer featuring 4 layers, 2X oversampling/undersampling, built-in arpeggiator, sync, FM, 8 filter types, unison edit, panning modulation, stereo delay and gate effects. Imports Nord Lead 2 SysEx data.

Platforms: Mac

License: Shareware Cost: $0.00 USD Size: 26.57 MB Download (16): Discovery Mac Download

Added: September 22, 2013 | Visits: 188

TAL-Elek7ro Free virtual analog synthesizer TAL-Elek7ro is a virtual analog synth with some special features like oscillator hardsync and frequncy modulation. TAL-Elek7ro includes improved alias free oscillators, new developed fast envelopes and lfo's with a wide range from 0.1Hz up to 400 Hz. A free...

Platforms: Mac

License: Shareware Cost: $0.00 USD Size: 839.68 KB Download (16): TAL-Elek7ro Download

Added: August 07, 2008 | Visits: 689

Rhinoceros Polyphonic Are you looking for an analog synthesizer that let you make the sound you imagine? Do you want that it has all the controls that classics has andmoreover, it be polyphonic, to can install it on your PC in an easy way, do not need another expensive software to work with it and than it does not...

Platforms: Windows

License: Shareware Cost: $18.00 USD Size: 2.83 MB Download (176): Rhinoceros Polyphonic Download

Released: December 07, 2012  |  Added: December 07, 2012 | Visits: 223

Discovery Discovery is a Virtual Analog synthesizer inspired by Clavia's Nord Lead for VST hosts featuring: 32 Voice Polyphony (One voice used per triggered layer). 2X Oversampling for hardware quality sounds. More than 3.500 presets in 40 banks (with a dedicated percussion one). 4 Layers with Morphing:...

Platforms: Windows

License: Shareware Cost: $99.00 USD Size: 12.37 MB Download (27): Discovery Download

Released: December 15, 2012  |  Added: December 15, 2012 | Visits: 123

Eurypharynx This is a Virtual Analog Synthesizer duplicating Analog Synthesizer. 4-Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer. Eurypharynx is a 4-Voice Polyphonic Virtual Analog Synthesizer. Basically it models features after Analog Synthesizer. But more importantly, it combines the following five remarkable features. -...

Platforms: iOS

License: Shareware Cost: $1.99 USD Size: 10.7 MB Download (7): Eurypharynx Download

Added: September 13, 2013 | Visits: 181

August Synthesizer The August Synthesizer synthesizer offers you the basic parameters of any synthesizer based on the subtraction synthesis method with sixteen polyphonic sounds. Velocity, pitch bend and are not supported.

Platforms: Mac

License: Shareware Cost: $0.00 USD Size: 40.96 KB Download (17): August Synthesizer Download

Added: October 14, 2013 | Visits: 217

Ultra Analog VA-1 Analog heaven Ultra Analog is about capturing the unique warmth and feel of analog circuitry. At the heart of Ultra Analog are the best alias free oscillators of the industry, featuring standard wave shapes, hard sync, sub oscillators and integrated pitch envelopes. Ultra Analog also features...

Platforms: Mac

License: Shareware Cost: $0.00 USD Size: 7.53 MB Download (19): Ultra Analog VA-1 Download

Added: October 27, 2013 | Visits: 152

Lil Poly-Ana Lil Poly-Ana is the latest preset-player version of the Poly-Ana analog synthesizer, developed by Admiral Quality. Lil has all of regular Poly-Ana's sound features and capabilities, only your ability to design new patches has been restricted. But the developers have left in every performance...

Platforms: Mac

License: Shareware Cost: $0.00 USD Size: 17.95 MB Download (16): Lil Poly-Ana Download

Added: December 03, 2013 | Visits: 201

Sawer Sawer is a vintage modeling synthesizer, that cuts through the mix to deliver precisely articulated and punchy sounds. Sawer pays homage to the envelopes and filters of a rare 1980's Soviet analog synthesizer, Polivoks. Maxx has devoted meticulous attention to the detail of Sawer's filter and...

Platforms: Mac

License: Shareware Cost: $0.00 USD Size: 11.06 MB Download (16): Sawer Download

Added: July 12, 2013 | Visits: 201

XILS 3 The XILS 3 is a virtual instrument based on the of the architecture of a classic matrix based modular synthesizer. Easy to connect, easy to modify, easy to see, the matrix is far and away the easiest way to connect modules to each other. Matrix connection brings modularity and sound design to a...

Platforms: Mac

License: Demo Cost: $149.00 USD Size: 20.18 MB Download (16): XILS 3 Download

Added: July 28, 2013 | Visits: 205

NorthPole AU NorthPole is a free effects plug in for AudioUnit compatible applications on the Macintosh. It adds a fully programmable virtual analog synthesizer filter with resonance, envelope follower and an integrated post-filter digital delay to your audio production environment. This free plug in equips...

Platforms: Mac

License: Freeware Size: 5.73 MB Download (19): NorthPole AU Download

Added: January 25, 2010 | Visits: 415

Buzzer2 Buzzer2 is a polyphonic stereo softsynth AudioUnit plug-in that emulates an analog synthesizer layout.Features:subtractive synthesis. 2 morphable sine, triangle, sawtooth , square and noise VCO's. 2 independent high-, low-, band-, peak- and vowel-filter. 4 LFO's with synchronization to host...

Platforms: Mac

License: Freeware Size: 431 KB Download (74): Buzzer2 Download

Added: November 23, 2013 | Visits: 204

Jupiter-8V The Jupiter-8V is the newest addition to the family Arturia???*a*?s analog synthesizer recreations. Offering the unique sound palette of the Roland Jupiter 8, this virtual version is a sound designer???*a*?s dream. Based on the latest version of TAE?*A*, the Jupiter-8V also offers a host of...

Platforms: Mac

License: Shareware Cost: $249.00 USD Size: 112.97 MB Download (16): Jupiter-8V Download

Released: January 12, 2003  |  Added: July 20, 2006 | Visits: 2.154

ArtWonk ArtWonk is a MIDI and graphics program that produces MIDI music and paint graphics based on algorithmic rules that you interactively create by connecting modules (graphical objects that represent functions and processes) in real time, adjusting the parameters as you go. Not with a set of canned...

Platforms: Windows

License: Shareware Cost: $240.00 USD Size: 4.76 MB Download (114): ArtWonk Download

Released: May 29, 2016  |  Added: May 31, 2016 | Visits: 6.656

DarkWave Studio DarkWave Studio is a free Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) / modular virtual music studio for Windows. You can easily use the built in sequencer, bundled DarkPlug machines and third-party VST effects and VSTi instruments to create music. DarkWave Studio allows the connection of machines in an...

Platforms: Windows, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Server

License: Freeware Size: 2.88 MB Download (786): DarkWave Studio Download

Released: September 14, 2012  |  Added: September 14, 2012 | Visits: 978

PhotoPosterMaker Your photos are your art - so treat them as art. With PhotoPosterMaker you can arrange them in a collage that exactly aligns every photo and removes any kind of distraction. Give room to portrait, landscape and panoramic photos and create your individual layout. Have your posters and collages...

Platforms: Mac

License: Commercial Cost: $4.99 USD Size: 921.6 KB Download (32): PhotoPosterMaker Download

Added: June 20, 2013 | Visits: 177

Filterscape Filterscape is our filter-based sound mangling tool, the ultimate in versatility and control. It can be a parameteric EQ with morphable snapshots, a dual virtual analog filter, a sophisticated delay unit... you can use Filterscape to spice up your music in a myriad of ways. Best of all,...

Platforms: Mac

License: Shareware Cost: $0.00 USD Size: 14.97 MB Download (16): Filterscape Download

Released: June 16, 2014  |  Added: June 16, 2014 | Visits: 108

Avici Studio "Avici Studio is BY FAR your CHAMP of app digital beat makers!" ...and today you get it for the BEST price! The best music software app for your own songs, albums and unique sound. Get started right away, no prior knowledge necessary! Avici Studio offers all functions and many exclusive...

Platforms: iOS

License: Shareware Cost: $6.99 USD Size: 15.7 MB Download (7): Avici Studio Download

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